How To Use CBD Hemp Oil?

Options, Recommendations & Tips for Using Hemp CBD Oil

You’re probably aware of that science backs up the health benefits of hemp CBD oil, but with so many products on the market, it may be a bit difficult to determine which product to use and how best to use it.

It is very important that hemp CBD oil be used properly, however there are plenty of people who devise their own unique ways of using it, which is fine with us. While there are different ways of taking hemp CBD oil, there are some commonly used methods that are worth knowing about.

Let’s start by covering the various options:

Using Pure Hemp CBD Oil Concentrates


Hemp CBD oil in its purest form is an oily paste that’s been extracted directly from the plant without any other ingredients being added.


When ordering pure hemp CBD oil concentrate, you might get a surprise when the package comes because the product will probably come in an oral syringe. At first you might be put off, thinking you’re supposed to give yourself an injection, which is not the case. 


Read the Directions Before Using


When you read the directions, you’ll learn that you’re supposed to dispense small amount that is no larger than a single grain of rice. It is supposed to go right under your tongue. To ensure that you don’t take too much you might want to first dispense it on the back side of a spoon or your finger.



Be careful with CBD oil concentrates because they can stain your clothing. Because these are naturally derived oils, no two harvests are alike and therefore there will be variations in flavor, consistency and texture. Some batches of the oil will be thicker than others and this is perfectly normal.


Once you know you have the just the right amount, DO NOT lick it off your finger or spoon. Put it UNDER your tongue and then wait a good minute or two before swallowing.

As we said earlier, there is no one specific way of using hemp CBD oil, but we at 420CBDeals have concluded that the option explained above is the easiest way to use it.


Recommendations for Use


First, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that the oil be placed UNDER your tongue. The capillary glands under your tongue can quickly absorb quite a bit of the oil, allowing it to enter your bloodstream before it’s even been swallowed. 


Secondly, you need to know that most people do not like the taste of pure hemp CBD oil. The flavors and aroma vary harvest-to-harvest because of variations in the hemp plant’s terpenes or compounds. There is no way to predict which terpenes are going to develop within the harvest’s plants and can only be determined once the oil is extracted. This makes it impossible to predict the taste of any given batch.


WARNING: The hemp CBD oil concentrate you get may taste like spicy dirt with grass.


Taking the hemp oil sublingually relieves you of having to taste it until your one or two minutes’ waiting period is up and it’s time to swallow it. Nevertheless, we think taking pure hemp CBD oil in concentrated form is the most effective way of consuming a good quantity of cannabinoids. We recommend taking pure hemp CBD oil concentrate daily and if the taste bothers you, just drink juice while swallowing it. 


Not long ago, we at did a taste test with our top concentrates and I will never forget the looks on everyone’s faces. Hilarious! We all finally agreed that if you drink orange juice or apple cider as you’re swallowing the oil, the taste can be masked quite well.


Using Hemp Oil Tinctures


Hemp oil tinctures come in little glass bottles equipped with a spray top or small dropper so that the liquid “drops” can easily be dispensed.

People seem to love tinctures and for a very understandable reason. Manufacturers can add other ingredients to them to mask the taste and smell. These other ingredients could be coconut oil, essential oils, spearmint, terpenes and other natural ingredients. Therefore, people do not mind the taste of tinctures as much as they do the taste pure hemp CBD concentrates.

Hemp oil tinctures are taken by using the dropper to fill up the pipette. Then take the desired amount sublingually by putting it UNDER your tongue. Again, wait one or two minutes before swallowing. If the taste is too strong for you, just swallow it with orange juice or apple cider to mask the taste. 


Fortunately, hemp oil tinctures are offered in many different flavors, strengths and sizes, which makes them quite popular. Just so you know, if you really don’t like one tincture, you can try many different flavor and potency options until you find one you like. If you really do not want to taste the oil at all, we recommend you try these tinctures since we at 420CBDeals all agree that these taste the best.


Using CBD Vape Oil Cartridges

If you’re seeking a very direct method of using CBD oil, vaping it may be your solution. How you use it all depends on the type of vape product you buy. If you’ve ordered vape oil, you will also need a vaporizer to fill with your oil. Or, you could purchase a vape kit, which comes with a vape cartridge that you screw into the vaporizer. When finished, you can just toss the disposable cartridge out. This way you don’t have to maintain a reusable vaporizer pen. However, the coil and/or tank will need to be replaced periodically. 

Vaping is the quickest way of getting CBD into your bloodstream because it enters through your lungs. Furthermore, people who vape consider it very relaxing. Just the act of deeply inhaling and exhaling seems to relax people.  

Many users simply grab their vaporizer when they’re feeling overly stressed or anxious.

Using Hemp CBD Oil Topicals

Many of those suffering from dry, irritated, inflamed, flakey or wrinkled skin use hemp CBD oil topicals on problem areas. Since our skin is our largest bodily organ, we need to keep it well nourished, balanced and continually moisturized.

Using hemp CBD oil topicals, you can easily target specific problem areas on the skin by just massaging the oil right into the skin. You can repeat this as often as you need throughout your day. Hemp oil topicals come in a full range of consistencies so you can decide which one works best for your skin type and/or condition. 

We hope you gained the information you were seeking on using hemp CBD oil and its benefits. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at 420CBDeals. We would love to hear from you.