Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about buying CBD for the very first time, you probably have a ton of questions. We at 420CBDeals.com very likely have the answers you’re looking for about CBD oil after all these years in business. To make your quest easier, we’ve compiled a list of the questions we are asked most frequently concerning CBD hemp oil, along with our answers.

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Where does Cannabidiol (CBD) come from and what is it exactly?

CBD is derived from non-intoxicating parts of the cannabis plant, which means it cannot get you high. Medical research has shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can provide other health benefits as well.


What other health benefits can CBD provide?

FDA regulations, and given that we are not medical doctors, we are prohibited from making medical claims about CBD. In keeping with FDA guidelines, the various CBD products we offer on 420CBDeals.com are to be used for personal care and/or as nutritional supplements.

We also recommend that you speak to your medical doctor or healthcare professional about the health benefits that hemp oil may offer you.


What about Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are natural substances found in hemp plants that contribute to nutritional health by interacting with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) through a network of receptors.  These cannabinoid receptors are not only in the brain and central nervous system, but can also be found throughout other areas of the body. Our ECS helps regulate vital biological processes to maintain homeostasis. Interestingly, we ourselves naturally produce certain cannabinoids, like anandamide. 


Are marijuana and hemp basically the same or are they different?

Marijuana’s primary cannabinoid creates a “high,” whereas hemp is primarily made up of phyto-cannabinoids, which are non-intoxicating. So, marijuana and hemp are different. Various strains of hemp are legally grown in many different countries and in certain U.S. states. However, hemp is legally being sold across the U.S. in all 50 states.


Are the CBD products you sell on 420CBDeals.com legal?

Yes, every single product we sell on our website is legal! We have the 2018 Farm Bill to thank for that, which made CBD products legal in the United States.


How am I supposed to know which CBD product to choose?

One of the best things about CBD is that you can use it in several different forms. The options we offer run from oil and tinctures to vapes, gummies and other edibles. We understand that having more choices may make the decision more difficult. To make things easier, you are welcome to contact us for further information on any of our products.



Can CBD help in treating my illness?

CBD works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which helps in the regulation of certain bodily functions like appetite, mood, memory and pain.


Having said that, we are not medical doctors (please read our disclaimer), so we cannot claim that CBD is the miracle treatment you’ve been looking for. However, we are confident in saying that scientific proof shows that CBD does help users maintain a healthier lifestyle. CBD can be used to treat inflammation, stress and anxiety, and it can help relieve chronic pain.


Again, we advise that you speak with your medical doctor or healthcare provider before you use any of the products offered on our website.


Will using CBD oil put me at risk of failing a drug test?

Most workplace drug tests are for THC, the intoxicating compound found in Cannabis. These tests are not necessarily looking for Cannabidiol (CBD) or any of the other naturally occurring compounds found in hemp.


Having said that, the CBD products we're selling contain at the very most 0.3% THC, which would make it highly unlikely for any of them to cause you to fail a drug test. The results would depend on which drug test was being administered, since some could be extremely thorough.


If you are looking for a product that is 100% free of any THC, we would recommend that you consider an alternative Vape e-liquid. This would provide you with the health benefits of CBD oil, without risking a failed drug test.


We hope you got your questions answered on CBD and its health benefits. For more information please contact us at 420CBDeals. We would love to hear from you.